What it is like to work at a startup?

Ahoy mates!

– Every day is a roller coaster ride.

– You are not a valued employee. You are a pirate or a jedi instead.

– You work with a great bunch of motivated, talented and coolest geeks who are not shy to use F*** word a bit too frequently.

– Action may speak louder than words but code definitely speaks louder than any action!

– You are always updated about the coolest technical stuff happening all around the globe; thanks to the crazy folks all around you!

– You are not just a developer. You are a scrum-master, a deploy-king, a tester, a code-reviewer, a recruiter, an interviewer and sometimes you even get to pitch for your company! (If you are lucky enough..)

– You may feel intimidated and nervous at times!

– You learn the meaning of ownership and accountability.

– You continuously learn a lot of things simultaneously. Sometimes in a hardest way possible!

– Your mind suddenly gets tweaked to engage itself in provoking new thoughtsand ideas.

– You are free to choose and explore new technologies. Start-ups don’t believe in legacy tech!

– Your ideas  and grievances are heard effectively and immediately.

– You are expected to work hard and trained to work smart.

– You might get addicted to caffeine and beer in long run. 😀

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