Why Capital Punishment is necessary?

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We live in a socialized, economy driven democracy. We call ourselves civilized; we take pride in our rich cultural heritage and yet we see lots of crime committed every hour in each and every part of this country. Why these criminals commit these crimes without any fear and guilt? What boosts their confidence when they commit any crime? Why don’t they think before they commit any crime?  The answer is simple – lack of strict rules and lack of ability to implement them. I would like to discuss the idea of capital punishment here without politicizing it or connecting it with a particular incident/ religion/ person/ crime.

I strongly believe in philanthropy, my parents have taught me that love and forgiveness are the best virtues of a good human-being. Mistakes are part of a person’s life, every person commit mistakes. If a person’s mistake is not severe and if it doesn’t affect or hinder other person’s life, health and property, then the person must be given a chance to ameliorate himself but if a person commits an unpardonable offence like terrorism, rape, murder etc. then he/she must be punished severely.

Many people believe in ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’; but I am not one of them. I believe in justice more than revenge. Nowadays the rate, intensity and severity of crimes has increased to an alarming level in our society. Every day in newspaper, we read about cases of kidnapping, cold blooded murders, acts of terrorism, cases of sexual harassment etc. So, it is the ask of the time to strictly implement capital punishment to suppress the increasing level of criminal activities occurring in the society.

Hundreds of criminals are caught, tried and put into jails; most of them serve their time and are freed. It is important to observe them after they are freed. Some of these are habitual offenders; they can commit crimes even after they are punished/ penalized. In the cases of rape, terrorism, murder; capital punishment may not be 100% ethical but can be justified.

We are a bunch of religious morons; so I will explain this in a religious context. The Garudpuranas of Hindus and the Bible of Christians also suggest that punishments are must for a sin, and their strictness should be decided depending on the nature of sin committed. I would like to mention the punishments for the seven deadly sins as depicted in the bible: pride – a person is broken into pieces on the wheel, envy – a person is freezed to death in cold water, gluttony – a person is forced to eat rats and snakes, lust – a person is smothered in fire, wrath– a person will be dismembered alive, greed – a person will be boiled alive in oil and sloth – a person is thrown into snake pits.

Well, we should not implement everything from these mythological books; but the point I would like to prove here is, the capital punishment is simply a society’s way of concluding that a particular individual deserves to die because of the severity of crimes committed by that person. The punishment should be justified by the nature of crime committed. It is about setting a right example for others, if a person is pardoned for his crime or guilt, then it might encourage some egocentrics to commit same crimes for satisfying their selfish motives.

Ideally we would want to fix this criminal ideology right from the root of its inception through ethical and moral upbringing, proper education, social awareness and discipline. But we have already missed this part and now we are at that stage where we will have to unfortunately instigate fear of punishment for stopping these heinous crimes.

I would like to conclude saying that, capital punishment may not be ethically acceptable but it is axiomatically desirable!  Jay Hind!

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3 Replies to “Why Capital Punishment is necessary?”

  1. Nicely written as always. Agreed with the capital punishment because of the gravity of crimes which we see these days. But we must ensure that no innocent gets this kind of punishment and not only in this kind, but in any kind of punishment innocent shouldn’t be framed. For this, we need to strengthen our judiciary so that the culprit gets the proper punishment for his/her crimes.

  2. Point well noted. True, capital punishment is retribution and often misunderstood as revenge. Just what has to be made sure in this entire process is that an undeserved shouldn’t get a deserved punishment.

  3. Totally agree with the view – while an eye for an eye is not justifiable, but looking at the crimes, that is the only way out.
    I will put it this way – there are more people, who will take your second eye too, if you dont follow the “eye for an eye”.
    That is what we have witnessed in our past too – where good kings forgave such anti social or anti national elements, and they paid for it by losing the empires to bad people.

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